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Breakfast, Lunch and Artisanal Pastries


Centered upon the ideas of creativity and collaboration, blueberry bakery is the birthplace of our interpretation of desserts from around the world. When you think of Paris, you think of croissants … who wants to travel all that way not to try the crème de la crème? But if you can't go to Paris, let our bakery take you there.

We invite you to choose your heart's desire from more than 45 European inspired desserts, including: truffles, brittle, pies, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries...

Each is crafted with tradition, plus homegrown innovation, to create something memorable, delicious and worth sharing.

We work each day to deliver the best possible handmade products and experiences for our guests. From our small espresso bar to our breads, pastries, cakes and food, we don’t compromise on quality or taste; we approach everything we do with intention. Explore Blueberry Artisan Bakery in Jacksonville, FL for exceptional corporate lunch catering, the best custom wedding cakes, and delectable breakfast platters and boxed lunches. Discover why we're the best bakery near you for all your catering needs.


Now, your local bakery is expanding to serve you with a brand-new location in the St. Nicholas neighborhood. We hope to see you there soon.


— the blueberry team


everything made by hand, with care

To us, baking is love, and we can't wait to serve you!

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